Why is Vilact® so unique?

Because it contains the patented formula Lacoactive®. Vilact® products are all-natural without any harmful substances like allergens, parabens, dyes and other synthetic additives. Most products are also free of perfumes in order to provide the most effective yet gentle treatment possible.

What is Lactoactive®?

Lactoactive® is highly refined colostrum, developed to provide excellent results for people in need of healing or relief from a range of skin issues.

Can I use Vilact® products on a daily basis?

Yes. Vilact® skin products provide outstanding results using only natural ingredients. The skin only absorbs what is needed, so if you're not treating a specific skin challenge, your skin will only absorb added vitamins and minerals.

Is Vilact® Skin Cream a day cream or is it an effective cream for skin issues?

Both. Vilact® Skin Cream apply the factors that is needed depending on the needs of the consumer. The skin will only absorb what is lacking, so if used on skin challenges, regeneration and healing will be sped up. When used on a daily basis, only the needed growth and immunity factors, vitamins, proteins and minerals will be absorbed, and it will help boost the skin's immune system.

Does Vilact® contains any harmful substances?

No, The product range does not contain any known harmful additives. However, since there is always a concern of allergens, please be sure to read the ingredient list carefully before use.

Is it safe to use if I have milk allergy?

Absolutely. Vilact® doesn't contain any dairy or milk products. Despite being made using colostrum, only the natural carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and other boosting factors are extracted. Due to varying other allergies however, be sure to carefully read the ingredient list before use and test any skin care products on a small patch of skin before using the product regularly.

What types of skin issues are Vilact® able to remedy?

We do not claim anything. However, our customers tells that they have successfully used Vilact® products on skin issues as:
• dry and damaged skin
• red, itchy, irritated skin
• eczema (atopic dermatitis and other forms of eczema)
• rosacea
• wound healing
• pigmentation disorders
• cracked heels
• acne
• hives (urticaria)
• vitiligo
• ichthyosis
• psoriasis
• cold sores
• daiper rash
• etc.

How much cream should I use?

Vilact® absorbs quickly through the skin without leaving a greasy feeling, like other common skin creams. How much you should use depends on the area you're treating and the product you're using, but we recommend starting with a small amount on the tip of your finger, adding more if necessary.

How often should I use Vilact®?

Apply twice a day minimum to speed up the result or use as needed.