Vilacto Bio: How It All Started

November 30, 2017

Vilacto Bio: How It All Started

Lactoactive®, and How It All Started

Lactoactive® was developed at Aalborg University in Denmark, in collaboration with Novi Science Park by scientists Dr. Ninfa Rangel Pedersen PhD., and Dr. Budi Juliman Hidayat Ph.D.

Development also involved external specialists, including Professor Dietmar Fuchs of the Medical University of Inns Bruck’s Division of Biological Chemistry, who studied human blood cells exposed to Lactoactive® particles. He concluded that the particles have an anti-inflammatory effect capable of combating inflammation-related diseases. The particles also showed a simultaneous immunostimulatory effect. The active substances of bovine colostrum in Lactoactive® are extracted and refined into particles that are so small that they penetrate the skin, which is beneficial as mutations often occur in the tissue.

Professor Raymond Playford, Ph.D., FRCPath, FRCP, FMedSci of Queen Mary University of London confirmed in tests that human cells multiply successfully when Vilact® is used.

His research also showed that the cream retains its effect sufficiently after application for therapeutic effect. By amplifying such effects, we make it possible for the ingredients to join forces with the body’s immune system.

Poised to Win the Battle Against Aging

At VilactoBio, our goal is to explore new products or services based on our patented compounds, especially Lactoactive®. We are applying a proprietary process to discover novel pharmacological drug formulating candidates by applying biophysics based screening technologies in combination with cell-based models of the targeted diseases using Lactoactive®, which provide validation of the therapeutic effect of the identified pharmacological formulation.

In many cases, we can apply structure-based drug design for lead optimization. Also, we are pursuing the application of Lactoactive® in clinical studies of Nano-reformulations of existing medicines, cosmetics, supplements, etc.

Our therapeutic targets in this project are both systemic and topical medication, which display their main function in disease-affected cells. Our technologies involve the development and application of innovative drug designing, specifically fusing Lactoactive® potency with unique methods of composition, with the capability to pass through the biological pathways which result in safety data and increased efficacy

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